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Houston Glass Repair

Glass plays an important role in almost every home. In addition to glass windows, many homeowners have glass tables and shower doors. Though glass is a versatile material, it is also known for being fragile. If left unaddressed, broken glass can cause injury, reduce your home’s efficiency, and compromise your home’s aesthetic. Whether the glass in your home is cracked or shattered, it’s important to have a professional provide repairs as soon as possible. Hurricane Glass & Mirror is a glass company in Houston that has been providing broken glass repair for nearly 30 years.

Causes of Broken Glass

Though modern glass is fairly durable, it’s far from impervious to damage. Below are a few common causes of broken glass that you should watch out for.

  • Break-Ins: You never know where or when thieves will strike. Though burglars prefer to enter through unlocked doors, some resort to breaking windows.
  • Wayward Items: Everyone’s heard of the classic baseball-through-the-window scenario. Even if you and your family members are careful around windows, unexpected circumstances can cause a wayward item to crash through your glass.
  • Severe Winds: Houston residents are no strangers to high winds. The next time a hurricane or tropical storm blows through, there’s a chance that severe winds could cause debris to smash through your glass.

Benefits of Professional Repairs

If you are unlucky enough to have cracked or shattered glass in your home, don’t hesitate to call a glass repair professional. Hiring a fully insured glass repair expert will have the following advantages.

  • Improve Aesthetic: Cracked glass can be a huge distraction from your home’s carefully manicured d├ęcor. To restore your home’s elegant appearance, have a window repair professional provide a replacement as soon as possible.
  • Maintain Efficiency: Cracked or broken glass makes it easy for warm air to escape or enter your home, causing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the same indoor temperature. Professional window replacement can help you save money on energy.
  • Prevent Injury: If you don’t have much experience handling broken glass, there’s a good chance you’ll get cut. An experienced professional has the skill and equipment necessary to safety and promptly replace damaged glass.

If you have broken glass somewhere in your home, let the Houston glass repair experts at Hurricane Glass & Mirror provide swift repairs. You can call our Houston glass repair company at (281) 617-1928 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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Great service. Thank You!

We had a window break on our store front, and these guys came out right away and got it taken care of quickly and at the best price. Thanks guys!

Kids Karate

Great Experience!

Great experience! Friendly staff! Fast Service while I waited! And best of all reasonable prices! I was really taken care of. Thank you

Mr. Tudor.

Great Staff and Service!

I highly recommend Hurricane Glass & Mirror. I received excellent customer service, with a quote that could not be beat in any of my surrounding areas. They are efficient and as professional as they come! I will continue to use them when it comes to replacing, or updating my new home! keep up the great work guys!

- John G

Serving Harris


(281) 815-4193

Call today! Fix today
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